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What is Enterprise Feedback Management?


What Is enterprise feedback management?

Enterprise Feedback Management, or EFM, is the process of collecting, analyzing, and using customer feedback to improve your products and services. Typically, businesses use software for this feedback.

Enterprise feedback management has been made possible by the abundant feedback collection tools available today. Businesses can choose from collection tools of all shapes and sizes, with some being incredibly data-dense and others being lightweight widgets added to a WordPress website. This kind of feedback can also be collected through customer-facing staff. For instance, customer support teams and in-person retail team members can provide aggregated anecdotal experiences with customers. These experiences can be used along with other systems to add to your EFM strategy.

How to collect enterprise customer feedback?

There are a variety of ways that enterprise customer feedback can be collected. The exact method for collecting feedback will depend on your business's needs and, to a greater extent, the size of your company. A plethora of apps are available for businesses that collect, store, and deliver customer feedback for you. These apps generally integrate with your website, present surveys and multiple-choice questions to your users/customers, and then organize the responses for you. More sophisticated apps might even analyze this data for you, bringing actionable insights to you.

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Verint and enterprise feedback management

One of the most popular and sophisticated platforms for enterprise feedback management is Verint. The Verint platform is used to collect feedback of all types from a variety of sources. This not only includes customers but staff as well, as Verint has developed tools to collect internal feedback for optimizing management. Unlike other similar products, Verint provides extremely rich analytics for the data that it collects. For instance, Verint offers speech and text analytics, gauges the experience of interactions, and can provide predictions based on collected data.

Tips for EFM survey tools

When picking out EFM survey tools, it's important to consider factors such as:

  • Your goals for collecting feedback

  • Your ability to analyze feedback

  • What you aim to do with the feedback you collect

  • The size of your business

By putting answers to these points in writing, you can best decide how to pick and use various EFM survey tools.

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General FAQ

What is enterprise feedback management (EFM)?
Enterprise feedback management is a combination of strategies and tools used to collect and analyze customer feedback. Some EFM tools are also used to collect internal feedback from staff to improve management styles and working conditions.
What is an EFM survey tool?
EFM survey tools are apps and services that can collect feedback from customers and staff for you. Generally, these apps will automatically present surveys and questionnaires to your target audience, store and analyze the feedback, and then present the results to you.
What is the process of feedback management?
The process of feedback management starts with goal-setting. An appointed team will decide on what their goals for collecting feedback are and then craft questions/prompts around those goals. Then, an EFM tool will ask your audience those questions, collect and store the feedback, and then present it to your team. From there, the results will be analyzed and turned into actionable insights.

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