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Enterprise Architecture

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What is meant by enterprise architecture?


Enterprise architecture definition

Enterprise architecture is a discipline in the world of business. It's the set of strategies and approaches a business uses to decide how to handle various circumstances, make effective changes, and adjust policies to reflect long-term goals. It can also be used to determine the trajectory of various projects. 

Generally, there is a team of leaders who lead the enterprise architecture practice at a business. 

What is an example of enterprise architecture?

A common example of enterprise architecture is the Business Development (BD) Model. This model is used to label a business's framework and the key factors that play into that framework. 

The Business Development Model considers factors like opportunities, influencers, channels, partners, clients, governance, policies, and more, giving a thorough overview of how to approach various decisions and situations. Business leaders and managers simply plug-in the various points for the specific situation. 

What are the six basic elements of enterprise architecture?

Generally speaking, there are six basic elements that comprise enterprise architecture. These are:

  1. Architecture management: This is the team that oversees your enterprise architecture practice or planning.

  2. Architecture framework: This is the model that defines how your enterprise architecture is to be shaped. 

  3. Implementation methodology: This includes the steps required for your particular framework. 

  4. Documentation artefacts: These documents host your plans, progress, and decisions. 

  5. Architecture repository: This includes all of the tools, resources, and more that are used to build your enterprise architecture.

  6. Associated best practices: This is the set of standardized practices your business follows when working through enterprise architecture. 

Enterprise architecture framework and tools


An enterprise architecture framework or roadmap is a predefined model that your business can follow when working through enterprise architecture. The goal is to ensure that no key points are missed and that a general roadmap is followed, giving your team direction. 


Enterprise architecture tools include any software, frameworks, practices, and resources your team relies on when coming up with your enterprise architecture. These go into your architecture repository for your team to use whenever the time arises. 

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General FAQ

What is enterprise architecture?
Enterprise architecture is the process of working through factors, stakeholders, and goals when making a decision for the direction of a company. This allows businesses to quickly adapt to disruptive situations without hampering their long-term goals.
Types of enterprise architecture
Enterprise architecture types, also known as frameworks, are sets of models and practices that your business can follow when creating your enterprise architecture. They're useful in keeping your team on track and meeting specific goals in various situations.

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