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Cash Flow Budget

  • What is a cash flow budget?
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What is a cash flow budget?


Definition of cash flow budget

Often referred to as a cash budget or a cash flow, the cash flow budget allows a company to keep on top of cash income and outgoings over time. 

In business, cash is king. To future-proof commercial success, you need to know where cash is coming in and where the money is going out.

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Cash flow budgets differ from profit and loss accounts as they take into account things like inventory, debt, and new equipment, which is why they are vital even for a highly profitable business to map out.

What is a Cash Flow Budget

General FAQ

What type of data should be included in a cash flow budget?
Your cash flow budget should include data on payments for loans, taxes, tax refunds, and sales forecasts. It’s an estimate of all cash spending, predicted for a specific period.
Why is having a cash flow budget important?
In business, cash is king! A company can survive a long time without profit. But with no cash? You’re in big trouble. A cash flow budget encourages you to think about whether you’ll generate enough income to meet financial requirements, creates a comparison point for actual cash flow, and gives you crucial information to discuss payment intentions with lenders.

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