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  • What is an idea roadmap?

What is an idea roadmap?


Idea roadmaps definition

Idea roadmaps are step-by-step guides that help businesses prioritize and manage ideas. 

An idea roadmap serves as a visualization of a set of actions, ideas, and initiatives that the team will look at during the project. The roadmap helps the team to maintain alignment while achieving outcomes in a planned, sequential manner. It’s a great tool to help teams achieve their goals with high quality, on time deliverables. 

Benefits of idea roadmapping

The benefits of idea roadmapping all come down to helping product teams with how to manage the idea backlog. For example…


Roadmapping From A to Z

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Roadmaps place timeboxes around ideas to give teams an idea of how soon the idea needs to be explored and completed. By doing this, teams can be sure they’re working towards the right goals and delegating the idea backlog effectively.


Teams need to be on the same page throughout a project if they want to create great products. An idea roadmap helps to maintain alignment as it can be quickly and easily read.


What ideas are you working towards and why? Idea roadmaps help to clarify strategic goals and then link your work to that strategy. They ensure that the team is focused on the activities in the idea backlog that bring you closer to your goals.


Transparency is key for a well-functioning team. Idea roadmaps help teams share their plans and initiate meaningful drive conversations with teammates. The roadmap allows the team to quickly show direction, visualize timing, and discuss challenges.


If you’re working as a cross-department team, it can be much easier to coordinate with an idea roadmap. Digital roadmaps can be quickly shared and updated to give all teams real-time updates on how the project is progressing and what’s being moved from the idea backlog into the current pipeline. This includes any ideas that are being explored or used. 


Everything the development team does will have a substantial impact on either the product or the business as a whole. By laying out your ideas in a roadmap, you can ensure that teams take the appropriate amount of time to measure the impact of each idea.


Not every idea the team comes up with will end up in the final product. Idea roadmaps help teams by dedicating time to discussing and prioritizing backlog ideas in a way that will truly value the product.

Better idea management

We’ve talked about idea backlogs a lot so far, but what exactly is an idea backlog for product teams? The idea backlog is a list of ideas that require further discussion before making the decision to move forward with the idea or not. Idea backlogs can include ideas for developing new products or improving existing products.

Much like the product backlog, the idea backlog should be refined on a regular basis, which is another way idea roadmaps can help.

General FAQ

What is an idea roadmap?
An idea roadmap is a tool to help teams visualize ideas that need to be discussed. It helps prioritize ideas and ensures teams dedicate the appropriate amount of time to the discussion.
How do you attach ideas to your roadmap items?
With airfocus, you can easily attach ideas to roadmap items with just a couple of clicks.
airfocus eBook Roadmapping From A to Z
Roadmapping From A to Z
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