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Cloud Adoption Roadmap


What is a cloud adoption roadmap?


Cloud adoption roadmap definition

A cloud adoption roadmap is a tool to help businesses move towards greater levels of cloud adoption. Cloud technology has become a staple of the modern workplace over the last decade, powering many of our apps, services, and platforms, storing our data, and enabling our workflows.

Despite this, several businesses from various sectors have seen very limited cloud adoption. This is for a variety of reasons, from the challenges of upgrading from legacy systems to simply having a limited understanding of cloud tech itself. 

But as time moves on, many companies are beginning to realize the benefits of cloud technology and are realizing that their competitors are enjoying these benefits while they're left behind.

So, what is the cloud adoption roadmap’s biggest objective? To support businesses along that journey.

How do you build a cloud adoption roadmap?

Establish your goals

To build a cloud adoption roadmap, businesses need to start by establishing their goals. What can cloud adoption do for your business? Will it create new workflow opportunities, or simply empower existing workflows? Can your business use it for more than just storing data? Are you looking to automate your cloud usage?

Answering these questions and getting input from various stakeholders will give you an endpoint for your cloud adoption roadmap. It'll help your business understand where it stands and where it wants to move.

Create a plan and execute

From there, your team will want to create a plan and then execute that plan. Consider the goals you established in the first step, and then look at where you are today. What will it take to move from where you are right now towards your long- and short-term goals?

Once you've outlined this plan, most of the work is ready to begin. Your business will need to start gradually migrating assets, workflows, and more to various cloud platforms and services. 


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General FAQ

What is a cloud adoption roadmap?
A cloud adoption roadmap is a strategy outline used to help a business adopt various cloud services and platforms. It starts with a foundation of where you are today, where you want your business to be, and how you can move from one point to the next by using cloud services.
What does cloud strategy framework mean?
A cloud strategy framework is an outline used to help your business begin implementing cloud technologies throughout your business. It describes the various steps and technologies you can adopt to achieve your cloud goals.
airfocus eBook Agile: Best Practices and Methodologies
Agile: Best Practices and Methodologies
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