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Buyer Persona

What is a buyer persona?

Buyer Persona Definition - Companies create buyer personas to maximize their products’ or services’ appeal to their customers. 

They’re different from user personas, as those making purchasing decisions about products may not actually the ones using them. For example, an employer buying a tool for their workforce would handle the purchase but not necessarily be a user, too.  

Your audience of buyers may be more diverse than your users. You might need to create dozens of buyer personas to accommodate different attributes, expectations, and concerns for an accurate representation of consumer goals. 

Surveying existing customers can help you formulate buyer personas, too.


Question: Why is it considered important to focus on the buyer persona?
Answer: A buyer persona is a communication tool that provides an overview of the habits, demographics, needs, and overall information regarding the buyer. This tool helps companies create better products, create better-targeted marketing campaigns and decide on new product-related initiatives.
Question: How to create a buyer persona?
Answer: A buyer persona can be created by researching your target buyer, gather common details regarding their demographics and behaviors and also by naming your persona.
Question: Why do companies name buyer personas?
Answer: Companies name and sometimes assign profile pictures to buyer personas as a reminder that the buyer and clients you are describing in your personas are real people that your business interacts with. This helps companies approach their buyers more personally.

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