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Burndown Chart

What is a burndown chart

Definition of a burndown chart

A burndown chart shows the amount of work that has been completed in a sprint and the amount of work that is remaining.

When combined with a velocity estimate, burndown charts can predict if your team is likely to complete the outstanding work in the available time. A burndown chart is also a helpful tool to identify any scope creep, as items will take longer to complete than expected.

Burndown charts are useful because:

  • You can notice if your team finishes work too early or too late, which shows your sprint planning process needs refinement

  • If the burndown chart has a sharp drop during a sprint, the work item is likely too complicated

General FAQ

What is a burndown chart in agile?
A burndown chart is often used in agile methodologies like scrum to show how quickly the team is working through a customer's user stories.
What is the purpose of sprint burndown chart?
The graphic representation of the sprint burndown chart showcases the work completed by the team. The chart depicts the story points completed across the sprint duration.

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