Success Factors

  • What are success factors?
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What are success factors?


Definition of success factors

Success factors are all of the different internal and external influences which can impact the potential success of a business.

If you’ve ever run a business, you’ll know that success is never guaranteed. Part of trying to attain your goal, though, is understanding what affects your chances of success. These are known as success factors and they can be both internal (such as the make-up of a team) and external (such as the current state of the market). 

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Success factors are sometimes referred to as "success indicators" or "success requirements".

General FAQ

What are the critical success factors?
Critical success factors are those goals that are crucial to a business or department’s capacity to succeed in a project. They highlight those essential elements that cannot be overlooked if the project is to stay on track, though as every project is different, the critical success factors must be considered carefully. There’s no one-size-fits-all template.
How to find success factors?
The first step in finding and identifying success factors is understanding the overall objective of a project and the processes required to achieve it. This may involve hosting an in-depth discussion with managers across different departments, and gathering ideas from all employees. The next step is to identify the factors that are crucial to reaching those goals, and recognizing which failures or oversights could derail the project. A process should be established for monitoring the success factors and determining whether they are being achieved. All success factors should be communicated to the teams involved in a project at different levels, to ensure everyone is aware of the objective(s), the risks to avoid, and how success will be measured.

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