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Featured and Popular Products


What are featured and popular products?


Featured and popular products definition

Featured and popular products are the best-selling items for your product, product range, or company. However, a featured product could be a new product line or seasonal products instead. 

Many businesses, whether B2B or B2C, make use of their homepage to highlight these items as these are what their customers purchase the most. You can create a static or slideshow banner to display them or have a menu button linked to their own page. 

While featured products often are your bestsellers, you could also choose to feature other items too. Your company may have released a new collection that you want to draw customers’ attention to, or perhaps you have seasonal products that can be highlighted. 

How to define popular products

You can define popular products in many ways. But for ecommerce companies, the best metric is sales. Your highest-selling products are obviously your most popular ones but it can depend if they are a one-off or repeat purchase.

Website traffic could be a significant metric to look at too. Is this figure much higher than the sales figure? Work needs to be done here on converting those viewers into purchasers.

You should also analyze where your customers have discovered you from. Was it an organic search that SEO has helped to bump you up on Google? Did they click through a mailing list link? Did an influencer promote the product on their channels? 

Where to show featured and popular products


As stated earlier, you want these products to be as visible as possible on the front-end of your website. Most customers will come to you via your homepage (check your landing page metrics first) so why not feature them here? Make use of banners and links right at the top so customers don’t have to search for too long to find your featured products.

Product pages

Each product page will feature a detailed description. Link to other items bought when purchasing this product or promote your bestsellers on the same page too. 

Could you create a bundle of products that are frequently bought together or promote them on the same page? Make sure to include customer reviews here too because new customers want confirmation that this is a great, quality item.

Mailing list

This is an ideal place to share new and seasonal collections with your customer base. You already know they’re a fan of your brand as they actively have subscribed to your communications. 

Here, you can promote new additions to your product portfolio, bestsellers during a specific timeframe as well as other useful information. You could send them a discount code as a thank you for customer loyalty.

Paid ads

To push a new collection in particular, make use of paid adverts, whether that’s on Google, print, or social media. Make sure to target specific groups of customers for maximum exposure. Set your budget and analyze the channels for your highest conversion rates. 


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General FAQ

What are featured and popular products?
Popular products are your business’ best-selling items. Featured products can be any items that your business wants to promote specifically; this could be a new collection, or seasonal items.
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