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Town Hall Meeting


What is the purpose of a town hall meeting?


Town hall meeting definition

Town hall meetings are a way for a company’s management to meet and connect with their employees. Company town hall meetings tend to be hosted by a member of upper management and are attended by all employees either in a large meeting space or conference hall or via virtual platforms like Zoom.

Town hall meetings have three primary purposes:

  • Align the company to the same goals

  • Close the gap between management and employees

  • Build corporate culture

All-hands versus town hall

While people often use the two terms interchangeably, a town hall meeting is more of a question-and-answer-based affair. In contrast, all-hands meetings are generally more focused on conveying a message and making a key presentation.

What do you discuss in a town hall meeting

Town hall meetings usually follow a strict plan that looks something like this:

  • Opening address.

  • State of the Company presentation.

  • Address results of a poll sent before the meeting.

  • Features/initiatives in focus.

  • Q&A.

  • Ending points.

  • Survey.

  • Minutes shared and post-mortem.

Can you hold a town hall meeting on Zoom?

Zoom and video calls are becoming the norm thanks to the increase in remote working. Using these platforms for town hall meetings has been commonplace for a while now. Sometimes it’s simply not possible for everyone to be in the same place at once, so hosting a virtual town hall offers a way to involve everyone without the need to travel.


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Town Hall Meeting

General FAQ

Ideal script for town hall meeting
The agenda for a town hall meeting should be rigid but also include space for audience interaction and any other potential variables that may crop up.
What is a virtual town hall meeting?
Virtual town hall meetings are essentially the same as regular town hall meetings, but they’re hosted online, allowing participants to join from wherever they are.
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