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Software Feature Definition

A feature is a part of a piece of software that performs a certain function. For example, the capacity to generate and modify documents is a software feature shared by word processing applications like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  More complicated software may have features that aren't available in rivals' simpler products — helping set them apart from their competition.

What are software feature requests?

A feature request is a user's request, message, or comment to include a feature in your software. Feature requests may be used to determine how to improve current software products. These requests occur when end-users want additional value from your software product or have discovered a new issue.

For software feature requests to be raised by your user base, your development team has to create a system to make these requests as visible as possible. This way, they can be actioned quickly. GitHub is a good example of a platform that puts feature requests front and center, so they’re seen as soon as they’re posted.

What is a software feature list?

Feature lists represent all of the amazing things your software can do — for example, live video streaming, real-time data analysis, or whatever your platform's strong points are — but they also include much more.

Feature lists represent the blueprint for any software, encompassing all that the app or software has to be capable of. This isn’t just the highlights but also the less glamorous prerequisites, such as single sign-on or Google Maps API connectivity.

An example of a draft of a software feature list could be:

  • An assistant powered by AI to guide the user through a tutorial

  • A notification alert system

  • An internal clock synchronized with the operating system

  • Dark mode

  • An option to change the resolution

  • A feature for color-blind users to make it easier for them to use the software

  • Voice recognition and voice commands.


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General FAQ

What are software features?
Features are individual parts of software that give the software a particular function or capacity.
Why are software feature lists important?
Software feature lists are important because they provide a definitive document that details all of your software’s features. It also helps your team by getting everyone on the same page during development.
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