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Product Service Management


What is Product Service Management?


Product Service Management Definition

Product service management involves enhancing a product based on changes in the market and customer requirements. Continuous assessment of a product’s features, performance, and overall quality is essential for effective product service management.

A product service manager oversees this process to deliver the quality customers expect in return for their money. The goal is to maintain customer/user satisfaction and remain competitive.


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Why is product service management important?

Product service management is a critical process for companies on all scales. Here are the main benefits it offers:

Boost customer loyalty

Earning and building long-term customer loyalty is essential. But that can be tough when you’re unsure what customers want and expect from their products. 

Product service management enables companies to identify changes in the market and customer needs, then provide a more tailored experience through further product development. Customers may feel more visible, appreciated, and loyal to any company that delivers the best product for their needs.

Adapt to market and customer fluctuations

A product that meets needs and fills a gap on the market on launch day can lose its appeal over time as newer, potentially more innovative solutions appear. Product service management empowers companies to adopt a flexible approach to product development, aligning with changes in the market and your target audience. 

Offer customers newer and more exciting products

Businesses that embrace product service management can continually enhance products with exciting new features that reflect customer needs. This helps them stay relevant and competitive, with less risk of being overshadowed by other products. 

Helpful for boosting sales and generating more revenue

Product service management is pivotal for maintaining control over products and understanding how changes could affect their performance. Product service managers should know the customer’s views on a product and identify what the product team can do to achieve and maintain total satisfaction.

Key phases of product service management

Product service management includes the following three phases:


Product development is the first phase. A product service manager researches the market, target audience, and competitors to present decision-makers with essential insights to help generate ideas. A product roadmap, concept testing, and prototyping all typically feature in the development phase.


After a product’s launch, a product service manager researches the user’s experience, marketing responses, and feedback. They can use this information to pinpoint potential issues, like complaints about the product’s UI, and discuss solutions with the product development team. 

They also actively participate in the product’s messaging, presentation, and more. Effective management is crucial to keep customers engaged and loyal in years to come.


The time may come when it’s time to discontinue your product. Perhaps building an all-new product offers the most potential for profit instead of further updates. Product service managers are responsible for informing users that a product will be discontinued through in-product messaging and social media. 

What is Product Service Management

General FAQ

How is product service management different from product management?
A product manager focuses on launching a product that meets user needs immediately. But a product service manager works to continually deliver a satisfactory experience and maintain long-term relationships with customers.
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