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Product Requirements Management

What is Product Requirements Management

Definition of Product Requirements Management

Product requirements management (PRM) is crucial in new product development (NPD).

Initially, PRM needs to lay out the objectives to later confirm the outcome of a project with the stakeholders. This can be done in the form of a product requirements document (PRD) or with a suitable software tool. 

Moreover, the on-going implementations need to be overseen and the stakeholder kept informed on their status. 

As change management matters a great deal in requirement management the set requirements are ideally traceable to reevaluate their priorities and purpose at any time of the development process.

General FAQ

How to gather requirements?
Requirements gathering refers to the practice of defining software requirements. At its core, this is the process of understanding what you’re supposed to be building, and why you’re building it. The requirement gathering process usually is conducted by the product manager and the requirements are gathered from relevant stakeholders. Those requirements are usually communicated to the team in a way where everyone from the team understands them and knows what they’re supposed to build.

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