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Product Management Talent

What is Product Management Talent?

Definition of Product Management Talent

The phrase “Product Management Talent” is used to describe the candidates with the greatest potential to fill a role in a business’s product team. Recruiting top product management talent is essential for building market-leading product teams and contributing to business success.

Due to the ever-growing pace of innovation and the rise of competition, tech companies must devise new ways of attracting and retaining product management talent. Product Management Talent strategies can include on-going performance and satisfaction reviews, career-growth plans, desirable and competitive company benefits.

General FAQ

What is product management talent?
Product Management Talent refers to individuals who have the necessary skills and cultural affinity to fill a particular role in a company. This is strongly connected to the tools and techniques used by product managers to hire and retain talent.
What is the importance of product management talent?
A well-thought-out talent hiring process can be the difference between a product team’s success and failure. After all, a product is only as good as its team, and a team is only as good as its people!
How can you diversify your sources of talent?
To diversify your sources of talent, proactively search for candidates with different backgrounds (technical and non-technical), and practice inclusion. In addition to classic job postings, ask for recommendations, host events and participate in relevant meetups.

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