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  • What is an HR roadmap?

What is an HR roadmap?


HR roadmap definition

An HR roadmap is a step-by-step guide that helps businesses strategize, prioritize, and guide company culture. It can also be used to build and manage talent acquisition strategies.

The HR roadmap visualizes a set of actions and initiatives, helping the team to maintain alignment while achieving outcomes in a planned, sequential manner. It’s a great tool to help businesses get from where they are now to where they want to be. 

Benefits of using an HR roadmap

While roadmaps may not be common in HR, it offers a large range of benefits to HR teams. 

An HR roadmap helps with priority mapping

It can be tempting to try and do everything at once when there’s a new initiative to roll out. Unfortunately, our ambitions can be a little more than we can actually achieve. 

By using an HR roadmap, HR teams can take a step back and really assess the current plan. They can identify what actions will actually benefit the business, and if there’s enough time to successfully roll out those actions. 

HR roadmaps are an ideal exercise for teams looking to visualize their HR goals. This will help them to determine which goals are manageable, and which are most important to the business.


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An HR roadmap empowers smarter resourcing

Without HR, a business simply cannot operate. They’re responsible for supporting various departments, performing one-on-one reviews with employees, leadership training, compensation analysis, policy reviews, and basically anything involved in an employee’s day-to-day experience. 

To manage this tremendous workload, HR leaders need to make sure they’re not over-exerting themselves. After all, HR is the last department we need suffering from burnout! 

By visualizing and prioritizing actions via an HR roadmap, HR leaders can quickly identify workloads and resource usage at any one time.

This helps to plan effective strategies that are less intensive on staff and resources. 

An HR roadmap supports ongoing hiring plans

Recruitment drives mean all hands on deck, but as the saying goes, too many cooks can spoil the broth.

Using an HR roadmap for your hiring strategies helps HR teams clearly plan the recruitment and onboarding process by setting clear timelines for when each stage should happen. This makes talent acquisition simpler, smoother, and streamlined. 

An HR roadmap identifies inefficiencies

A successful business needs to consider how it can scale in the most resourceful and effective way. Now, HR isn't directly revenue producing, so HR leaders need to identify their value to the business in other ways.

A human resources roadmap highlights efficiency-improving opportunities we want to target such as automating administrative efforts and streamlining onboarding.

General FAQ

What is an HR Roadmap?
A HR roadmap is a strategic, visual tool that helps strategize and prioritize upcoming initiatives.
Why not use Excel for an HR roadmap?
Excel can be tricky to build any roadmap on. There are plenty of purpose-built roadmapping tools available that can help you easily build an HR roadmap. Why not give airfocus a try?
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