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  • What is Pendo?

What is Pendo?

Pendo is a product analytics app created to help software companies develop customer-driven products that resonate with their users. Pendo allows software developers to include in their program a large range of tools and features which can lead to new prospects and insights for the product team — and a better product experience for the user.

In the words of Pendo itself, the suite is an aid to “drive product adoption, customer loyalty, and team innovation.”

Benefits of using Pendo

Using Pendo brings about several benefits. Users of the tool are able to unlock the following in their product development process:

  • Insights - Pendo enables product analysis, allowing teams to monitor, record, and analyze the way users interact with the digital content, their app, and website.

  • Guidance - this functionality allows developers to embed walkthroughs in a user-friendly way and offer reminders and helpful tips at the same time. The guidance also improves feature adoption and initial product onboarding.

  • Sentiment - polls and survey questions can be run directly from the Pendo platform. By asking focused questions at a very specific time during the user experience, product teams can capture the way that customers think and feel about the product at key journey moments.

  • Feedback - Pendo’s feedback feature goes both ways. Users can write about their experience using your product and offer up suggestions, and you can keep them updated on the status of feature requests.

Pendo’s tools can be used by all kinds of teams. You don’t have to work within sales, customer success, UX, or marketing to get value from the Pendo suite.

Generally speaking, organizations can benefit from the Pendo app by:

  • Company growth

  • Cross-selling and upselling to customers already existing

  • Retention of customers

  • Onboarding new users

  • Adopting features

Who created Pendo?

Pendo was created in 2013 by Erik Troan, Rahul Jain, Eric Boduch, and Todd Olson. All four of Pendo’s founders had impressive previous experience, having worked for very successful companies in the technology field, like Red Hat, Google, and Cisco.

The team’s original mission was to give product managers an easy way to better understand — and act on — the factors that drive a product’s commercial success. This mission is still the driving motivation for Pendo today. 

All four founders thought that product managers shouldn’t be obliged to uncover the way their customers feel about their product by relying on engineering power alone.


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General FAQ

What is Pendo?
Pendo is a suite of app-based tools that can help any product-led team or department improve its digital products. Pendo offers various ways to better understand and learn from customers to optimize their experience.
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