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Get Out Of The Building

What is Get Out Of The Building

Definition of Get Out of the Building

Get Out Of The Building refers to startups focusing their energy on customer research. The term was coined by Steve Blank, an entrepreneur famed for developing the customer development method.

Blank says that too many startups focus their efforts in the wrong place, focusing on sales or design too early and failing to consider the needs of the customer. The result? These teams end up launching products to a market that they assume exists. 

Instead, he urges startups to “get out of the building” and meet potential customers to learn about their needs firsthand.

General FAQ

Who created the get out of the building process?
The Get Out Of The Building process was created by Steve Blank, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur recognized for developing the customer development method. Get Out Of The Building also has links to the lean startup movement.
Why is this approach to customer research effective?
The better you know your customers and their problems, the more likely you are to produce a profitable product. By getting out of the building and meeting potential customers, you can base your design decisions on real user insight and build a solid client base to kick-start sales.
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