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General Availability

What is general availability?

Definition of general availability

General availability is when a product is made widely accessible to the consumer (sometimes specifically the general public).

In comparison

This is in contrast to limited releases or a beta version. These types of availability have a specific use such as generating feedback from consumers or testing aspects of the product. General availability tends to refer to the finished product.

Aspects of the product that might not be finalized in other releases, and might require controlled conditions, including security testing and compliance. Furthermore, a limited release may only be available to consumers in a specific location.

General FAQ

What is general availability in software?
The general availability (GA) milestone defines a product’s release to the general public. Any product that reaches the general availability stage is distributed through the standard sales channels, unlike with feedback-focused prior releases (such as beta versions).
What is an Alpha release?
An Alpha release is a very early stage launch, typically extended to a small group within the company. As early iterations, Alpha versions of software can include major bugs or mistakes that hinder performance. Features planned for the final version of a product may also be missing from Alpha releases.
What is closed beta?
A closed beta version of a product is released to a small team of testers only, to gather valuable feedback. Testers’ insights can lead to important changes or additions between the closed beta’s end and the product’s eventual general availability release.
What is general availability?

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