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What is general availability?


Definition of general availability

General availability is when a product is made widely accessible to the consumer (sometimes specifically the general public).

In comparison

This is in contrast to limited releases or a beta version. These types of availability have a specific use such as generating feedback from consumers or testing aspects of the product. General availability tends to refer to the finished product.

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Aspects of the product that might not be finalized in other releases, and might require controlled conditions, including security testing and compliance. Furthermore, a limited release may only be available to consumers in a specific location.

General FAQ

What is general availability in software?
The general availability (GA) milestone defines a product’s release to the general public. Any product that reaches the general availability stage is distributed through the standard sales channels, unlike with feedback-focused prior releases (such as beta versions).
What is an Alpha release?
An Alpha release is a very early stage launch, typically extended to a small group within the company. As early iterations, Alpha versions of software can include major bugs or mistakes that hinder performance. Features planned for the final version of a product may also be missing from Alpha releases.
What is closed beta?
A closed beta version of a product is released to a small team of testers only, to gather valuable feedback. Testers’ insights can lead to important changes or additions between the closed beta’s end and the product’s eventual general availability release.

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