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What is digital product management?


Digital product management definition

Digital product management is the strategy of defining, delivering, refining, observing, and developing digital products to achieve the best results from a market, such as customer satisfaction and sales.

Product managers are responsible for directing the entire lifecycle of a digital product, from the early stage of conception all the way to launch and beyond. Digital product management includes tasks like:

Digital vs. non-digital product management

The main difference between digital and non-digital product management is how available data is. Other than that, managing digital products is fundamentally the same as managing non-digital products. Just like non-digital product managers, digital product managers have to:

  • Define the product

  • Understand the customer’s needs

  • Describe and analyze the product strategy

  • Explain the market strategy

  • Guide the engineering of the product

  • Direct marketing and sales tactics

  • Compile and update requirements

  • Manage the product roadmap and effectively communicate any changes

  • Represent the product’s point of contact

But unlike non-digital product managers, digital product managers can access a wide range of metrics created automatically as customers interact with the product. 

What’s the difference between a product manager and a digital product manager?

Both product managers and digital product managers are responsible for overseeing the development of a product and driving it to market success. 

Skills needed by both product managers and digital product managers include:

  • Strategic planning - By always considering the big picture, all product managers can set realistic goals and plan their cross-functional teams.

  • Prioritizing - All product managers have limited resources — including time. This is why knowing how to prioritize the most important tasks is a crucial skill.

  • Analysis and research - Whether they’re developing a physical or a digital product, product managers need excellent research skills to find relevant data to improve their products.

Along with these skills, digital product managers also need to know how to iterate and deploy quickly, understand usage data, and be design-oriented.

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General FAQ

What is digital product management?
Digital product management includes the strategies to maintain the lifecycle of a digital product. These include development, defining the product, refining it, delivering it, and observing it after launch.
What does a digital product manager do?
A digital product manager solves customer issues using technology and brings the vision of these solutions to life alongside a great customer experience.

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