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Continuous Integration (CI)

  • What is continuous integration

What is continuous integration


Definition of Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous integration (CI) is a practice used by software engineers to automate certain elements of the development process. Namely, engineers share their code to a central location throughout the day. From there, the code is automatically scanned for potential errors or hiccups.

Committing to this continuous process should ensure that development continues to run smoothly, with any potential errors identified and ironed out before they can have an impact. 


Agile: Best Practices and Methodologies

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airfocus eBook Agile: Best Practices and Methodologies

In the fast-paced world of agile, this is vital.

What Is Continuous Integration

General FAQ

Why use continuous integration?
The continuous integration practice enables a smooth development process where potential errors are identified and removed quickly.
What is continuous integration in agile?
Agile teams typically use continuous integration to establish automated compilation, source control integration, and unit test execution.
What is continuous integration testing?
Continuous integration testing is the step between coding and integrating.
airfocus eBook Agile: Best Practices and Methodologies
Agile: Best Practices and Methodologies
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