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Continuous Deployment

What is Continuous deployment

Definition of Continuous deployment

Continuous deployment is an agile-inspired way of working. In the spirit of agility, continuous deployment aims to cut down the time it takes for software to progress from initial coding to market launch. To do so, continuous deployment uses strategies such as automated testing and automated releases.

You may hear continuous deployment referred to as continuous delivery, but this would be incorrect — whilst these two are interlinked, they are not the same. 

As the name suggests, continuous delivery refers to the actual delivery of product solutions to the end-user. Whereas continuous deployment refers to the agile strategy that makes it happen.

General FAQ

What are the four activities of continuous deployment?
The four activities are in this order: deploy to production, verify the solution, monitor the problems, and lastly, respond and recover.
What is a dark launch in continuous deployment?
A dark launch means the ability to release to a product environment but without the functionality reaching to the end-users.
What is self-service deployment?
Self-service deployment happens when the automation deployment is not fully implemented. The self-service deployment allows one command to take solutions from staging to production.

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