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Bucket Sort

  • What is bucket sort?

What is bucket sort?


Definition of bucket sort

Bucket sort is a fundamental programming algorithm, used to expedite the sorting process by grouping elements. In this algorithm, elements in a dataset are first divided into different categories (or "buckets"). Then, each bucket sorts the elements within it in ascending or descending order. The buckets are then recombined, with the result being a fully-sorted dataset.

Bucket sort is a little more advanced than other sorting techniques, like the bubble sort, in that it is a framework made up of other sorting algorithms. For instance, you can use one algorithm to sort elements into their buckets, and another algorithm to sort elements within their buckets. 

You could even reuse the initial algorithm recursively to sort each bucket to use fewer lines of code. This flexibility makes bucket sorting slightly more complex, but also more versatile.

What is bucket sort used for?

Bucket sort is typically used in one of two scenarios. 

The first is to speed up the sorting process. The process of placing items into bins and then sorting them in smaller amounts is much faster than a linear sort such as the bubble sort. The cost, however, is that bucket sort uses more memory than linear algorithms.

The second use case for bucket sort is in assigning priority or organizing less structured datasets. For instance, bucket sort can be used to organize a to-do list, assign prioritization, or sort things by the amount of time they might take. 

bucket sort

General FAQ

What is bucket sort?
Bucket sort is a simple sorting algorithm that divides elements in a set of data into different categories (e.g., evens and odds). Each category is then sorted individually (e.g., the evens are placed in ascending order, then the odds), after which the categories are recombined to produce the final dataset.
What is the difference between bubble sort and bucket sort?
Bubble sort is a linear sorting algorithm used to place a dataset in ascending or descending order by swapping two elements at a time. Bucket sort, on the other hand, divides a dataset up into buckets before organizing each bucket individually. This allows it to run much faster than bubble sort, but at the cost of using more memory.
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