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  • What is a use case?

What is a use case?


Definition of a use case

A use case is where a specific function of a product is utilized by a persona (a user for example). Bringing all the use cases together creates an assembly of all the possible functions of the product as a whole. A use case details the entirety of a function carried out by a persona and the manner in which the persona interfaces with the product.

In further context

Use cases are specific to single events or functions of the product. When multiple use cases are combined, they can form a scenario. From here a scenario can tell a story and can be illustrated as such.


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What is a Use Case?

General FAQ

What is the use of a use case?
A use case helps product teams recognize the full functional potential of a product, be it a tool or website. It outlines the steps a user will take to accomplish a goal, helping teams identify any errors that might occur during this process. The insight translates into a smoother, more satisfying user experience.
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