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Release Plan

What is a Release Plan?

Definition of a Release Plan

A Release Plan is a document that provides details of all the features of an upcoming product release. Normally, a Release Plan only covers a short period of time, is tactical in nature, and is primarily for the use of the product manager and development teams.

What is Included in a Release Plan?

A Release Plan should not be confused with a Product Plan. A Product Plan is involved with broader strategizing. A Release Plan tends to be more specific: it deals with resource allocation, direction and tasking of team members, phases of development, and projected milestones in the development process. Ultimately, the plan is important in providing developmental focus.

General FAQ

What goes into a project Release Plan?
A project release plan covers the details of a product’s upcoming release (and possibly subsequent ones). It should define the vision for a product, prioritize features, including user stories, and anything else that helps make a successful release more probable. An effective project release plan aligns teams on what needs doing and when.
What is the difference between a roadmap and a Release Plan?
A product roadmap generally covers a longer period than a release plan, spanning one year or more compared to just a number of months. A roadmap is largely visual and helps product managers communicate strategic plans to stakeholders. A release plan translates the roadmap into an actionable process consisting of prioritized tasks.
What is a Release Plan?

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