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What is a Product Marketing Manager (PMM)?


Definition of a Product Marketing Manager

A Product Marketing Manager can be described as the person who is responsible for advertising the value of the product to the marketplace. Compared to the Product Manager, the Product Marketing Manager is very much consumer and market-focused.

What Does the Product Marketing Manager Deliver?

The Product Marketing Manager undertakes an assessment of any competitors to the product and will also conduct extensive market research. The PMM will be at the heart of all communications occurring about and around the product, and, as such, will be instrumental in positioning the product within the market.

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In both analyzing the product and assessing the marketplace, the PMM will identify product features to emphasize via advertising. This can be fluid especially if there is more than a single market. Further to this, the PMM will be responsible for broadcasting the benefits and advantages of key product features to consumers. Other than using specific consumer-facing messages, the PMM will also drive demonstrations of the product, conduct presentations, and lead exhibitions. It is essential that the PMM goes beyond simply advertising the product. They are responsible for forging an understanding of the product to the wider marketplace.

The PMM Vs The Product Manager.

Indeed, in smaller or less differentiated organizations, the roles of the PMM and the Product Manager might be merged into a single position. Either way, and distinct from the PMM, the Product Manager creates the vision and strategy of the product, engages and motivates the development team, communicates the value of the product to the business, produces and maintains product documentation, and interacts with the product’s stakeholders.

Regardless of how they are staffed, both roles are nonetheless essential to the successful delivery of the product. It is therefore integral that the Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager work together effectively.

General FAQ

How do you become a Product Marketing Manager?
Product marketing managers tend to have years of experience in marketing at lower levels, and may hold degrees in the subject too. Generally, though, hands-on experience working in product marketing could be considered more useful than a degree when filling a management role.
What is the difference between a Product Marketing Manager and a Marketing Manager?
A product marketing manager is responsible for conveying a product’s value to the target market, based on an understanding of current (and upcoming) industry trends, customer expectations, and competitor releases. A marketing manager works on more general promotional tasks, such as determining the most effective messaging, channels, etc.
How much do Product Marketing Managers make?
According to Glassdoor, product marketing managers may earn $111,760 on average. The minimum stands at approximately $76,000 and the maximum is usually $147,000. This can vary depending on the organization, the manager’s experience, and their qualifications.
What is the difference between a Product Manager and a Product Marketing Manager?
Product managers take responsibility for driving a product’s creation and development, such as working on the roadmap, identifying customer pain points, etc. Product marketing managers are involved with creating effective marketing strategies, working on product positioning, directing marketing campaigns, and other tasks related to product promotion.
What makes a great product marketing manager?
Product marketing managers typically have solid communication skills, know how to recognize priority tasks, can think strategically, work well with others (such as the rest of the marketing team), and are creative enough to contribute to engaging marketing campaigns.

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