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What does it Mean to Pivot?


Definition of Pivot

Pivot in regard to a product strategy means to alter the overall goal, aim, or outcome. A structured approach, this readjustment is normally initiated when it is identified that a strategy is not effective or is no longer viable. The requirement for such a change can be a result of anything from a profound shift in the marketplace, to an unexpected reallocation of resources.

Using the Pivot Technique to Change Course

When recognizing that a strategic change is needed, it is important for the product manager to engage the development team, not just by rallying them and providing new focus, but also making sure that the new direction is maintained and all available resources are realized.

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General FAQ

What is a Pivot in business?
A pivot is a major change in a company’s business strategy, as its team adopts a fresh approach to a specific product, in response to internal or external factors. The current strategy will be considered ineffective in helping the business meet its goals, and a new direction — the “pivot” — is established instead.
What is a Pivot strategy?
A pivot strategy is a new approach a business adopts when implementing a significant change to its operations. This typically applies to a particular product and its current viability. A pivot strategy enables a company to still work towards its original objective(s), albeit through a new processor with different technologies.
When do companies Pivot?
Companies may decide to pivot if they feel their progress fails to align with their original vision, or a product isn’t coming together as planned. This may relate to a product’s response or sales, or the company’s overall market performance. The decision to pivot isn’t taken lightly, as it can incur delays and upheavals.

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