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Concept Review

What is a concept review

Definition of a concept review

Your concept is the initial idea for a new product, with some sense of how it is going to be implemented. A concept review is a discussion where you evaluate different or competing concepts and decide which ones you're going to invest in and see through to completion.

It’s a valuable opportunity to discuss what’s working and what’s not working, to avoid pushing ‘go’ on ideas that’ll deliver little value to the end-user.

How to conduct a concept review using the Delphi method

The core pillar of a concept review is group decision making

While it may not always be easy, with the appropriate techniques and strategies in place you can get the whole team working together towards a common goal — making your concept review as seamless as possible. And the Delphi method is one such framework.

Also known as ‘iterative convergence’, the Delphi method is based on the idea that a group of experts will be more competent at decision making than a group with basic knowledge. 

In a concept review, this would involve individual experts answering questions about their proposed concept before a facilitator anonymously reads them to the group. The benefit? You can see each of the concepts’ pros and cons clearly and make a well-informed decision. 

If the Delphi method doesn’t sit well with your team or help your concept reviews flow more smoothly, then you can also try ranking concept ideas. Here, each team member gets one ‘vote’ to use — simply add up the votes on each concept, and you’ll (hopefully!) have a clear winner.

General FAQ

What is a theoretical concept?
Concepts are the building blocks of theories — the things being studied, compared and related to one another. A theoretical concept is, therefore, one that includes a methodological model to help inform some sort of decision.
What is a concept review in product management?
In product management, a concept review is a team discussion where you evaluate different or competing concepts, and decide which ones you’re going to invest in and see through to completion.
What is a concept review

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