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What are Release Notes?
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Release Notes

What are Release Notes?

Definition of a Release Note

A Release Note can be described as a report that is published in conjunction with the new version of a product or an update to a product (and sometimes upon release of a new product). The purpose of the notes can be for either internal or external consumers.

What Should Release Notes Cover?

Typically, Release Notes should include material such as changes appearing in the latest version of the product, why the changes have been made, how this is going to affect the consumer, and what the consumer might need to do differently. It is integral that the notes communicate the change, even if there is a reduction of some sort to the product as opposed to any additions.

General FAQ

Who prepares the Release Notes?
Release notes may be written by one or more people, such as a developer, product manager, or marketer. The notes must be accessible to the target audience, which may not be the case if a developer relies on technical language. Representatives from the product, marketing, and/or sales teams may collaborate to create effective release notes.
What is the purpose of Release Notes?
Release Notes are written to inform customers about changes to products, specifically adjustments likely to affect their experience, both major and minor. For example, the addition or removal of one or more features may be accompanied by release notes. They can help to engage customers/users, and raise awareness of an existing product.
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