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About the feedback & insights template

Gather and centralize feedback and uncover actionable insights for product discovery and strategy. Use the inbox view to sort through new feedback and link relevant feedback pieces to your product work to solve the right problems. What you get:

  • An inbox, including a workflow to collect feedback in one place.

  • A board to seamlessly manage the status of feedback items.

What is a feedback & insights template?

As you can guess from its name, the feedback & insights template is a one-stop-shop to centralize feedback from all kinds of channels: chatbots, support requests, emails, reviews website, feedback from the app store, direct messages in social media, and so on.

Once centralized and consolidated, you can easily link relevant feedback pieces to your product work in other workspaces (e.g. your product roadmap). The airfocus insights app makes sure that feedback is logically linked to your product items so you can make truly customer-driven decisions. Nice!

How can a feedback & insights template be useful for my business?

As Bill Gates quite rightly said: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. If you want your business and product to prosper, then satisfy every customer request and don’t let bad user experiences happen again. 

So how does having a feedback management template help improve your product offer?

First of all, using a centralized feedback template encourages you to gather insights from all the places where users talk about your product and/or service. After connecting the template with all possible feedback sources, you will be able to see incoming messages right in the template. You’ll never miss a nugget of information or insight ever again!

How to get started with a feedback management template

Every company, team, and product is unique — so your feedback and insights management processes should be, too. The number of insights (their content and their format) will vary based on the vertical in which your product or service is operating.

Video games, for example, can get hundreds or thousands of player requests a day, each of which needs to be directly addressed to the development or tech support team. If you are running an interior design studio, an e-commerce store, or a podcast library, then the process of handling feedback or requests will be completely different again. 

The good news is, airfocus’s ready-to-use feedback and insights template can be adapted to your own way of dealing with large amounts of feedback!

This template comes with an inbox view set up, including an easy-to-use workflow, so you can  quickly start managing feedback all in one place. It also has a board view to seamlessly drag and drop feedback items into a priority order and to-do list.

Don’t miss out on valuable customer insights, try the feedback management template today.

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