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Wyatt Jenkins

SVP Product @ Procore
Wyatt Jenkins is a bonafide product specialist, holding the post of SVP product at several of the largest companies in tech, including Shutterstock, Patreon, Hired, and Procore.

Wyatt Jenkins - SVP Product - Procore

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Who is Wyatt Jenkins?

From DJ to Product Hero — Wyatt Jenkins's career as a major influence in the tech industry started by spinning discs. And, for the first 15 years of his working life, Jenkins traveled the world, hosted residencies at nightclubs, and was — for the most part — a world away from Silicon Valley.

Jenkins’ passion for music and creativity eventually led to the creation of Beatport — an online shop for DJs to share music, remixes, samples, and more. It was the launch of this company that kick-started Jenkins’ interest in business, and ultimately, his eventual role in senior positions at various tech companies across the US.

What is Wyatt Jenkins known for?

Wyatt Jenkins is known for many things. 

Since April 2020, he's taken on the role of Senior Vice President of Product at Patreon— a tech company built to support creative independents. Before that, Wyatt worked at the global imagery marketplace, Shutterstock. And, most recently, he led and developed Product teams at Procore.

Aside from his time at Beatport — a company he helped found in 2003 — Jenkins has served as a Vice President of Product and Senior Vice President of Product at every company he's worked for.

What is Procore?

Procore was launched in 2003 as a tool for the construction industry. It was created when the founder — Craig “Tooey” Courtemanche — began building a custom home in California; soon discovering that the laborious, complex task had nothing by way of software support.

As often happens in The Valley, Procore’s founder moved to fill the gap himself. Today, Procore is used throughout the construction industry to facilitate collaboration, creation, and organization within all sorts of construction projects.

Wyatt Jenkins has been the SVP of Product at Procore since early 2020. 

What is Patreon?

Patreon is an online subscription platform that launched in 2013. The company features a unique business model, where individuals can sign up, create, and sell custom subscription services through the platform. 

This allows individuals to receive funding from anyone interested in their work or talents. For instance, someone writing comic strips, building a bicycle, or making YouTube videos could receive a steady income by offering exclusive perks to anyone who subscribes on Patreon. 

Wyatt Jenkins served as SVP of Product at Patreon from 2017 to 2020.

What is Shutterstock?

Founded in 2003, Shutterstock is a site where users can browse and purchase stock photography, footage, music, and other resources for video and photo editing. It was one of the first tools of its kind, providing a one-stop solution for companies and creatives alike. 

Today, Shutterstock remains one of the largest companies for this type of service. It's primarily used in marketing, though anyone in need of stock imagery and video can benefit.

Wyatt Jenkins served as VP of Product at Shutterstock from 2009 to 2014.

Where can you learn more about Wyatt Jenkins?

Jenkins is most active on Twitter (@wyatt_earp_) — his tweets and retweets are a combination of product news, music, and business insight. He’s also been interviewed by some of the world’s biggest publications, from Harvard Business Review to Mixpanel.

If you’re interested in learning more about Patreon’s unique business model and supporting independent creatives, check out Wyatt’s talk "Keep Creative, Stay Independent and Make Money" shared via Soundcloud.

General FAQ

Who is Wyatt Jenkins?
Wyatt Jenkins is a bonafide product specialist, holding the post of SVP Product at several of the largest companies in tech, including Shutterstock, Patreon, Hired, and Procore. Thanks to his early career as a DJ, Jenkins has spent much of his working life on products and platforms that help independent creatives to monetize their talents.
What is Procore?
Procore is a company that produces applications for the construction industry. The software allows people to create and collaborate on construction projects of various kinds. 
Where else has Wyatt Jenkins worked?
In addition to Procore, Wyatt Jenkins has worked as SVP Product at Patreon, Hired, Optimizely, Shutterstock, and Partner/Head of Operations at Beatport, a company he helped found. He was also a DJ — although if you manage to find any links to his music online, do share them with us!

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