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Salina Mendoza

Salina Mendoza

Director of Product Management @ Suzy
Salina Mendoza is the Director of Product Management at Brix Labs: a free online platform designed for distributed software development teams based around the globe.

Salina Mendoza - Director of Product Management - Brix Labs

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Who is Salina Mendoza? 

Salina Mendoza is the Director of Product Management at Brix Labs: a free online platform designed for distributed software development teams based around the globe. From her LinkedIn profile, it looks as though Mendoza was promoted to Director in March 2020, right around the start of the pandemic — just in time for remote and distributed work to blow up!

 Mendoza’s career path has followed a product thread for many years now, starting with her role as a Product Demonstrator for ACTIVATE drinks in 2012-13 and as a freelance Product Manager in 2013-15.

 But Salina Mendoza is an artist as much as a product hero. Her abstract geometric artwork is featured on the Saatchi Art website and earned her the title of OC Laureate in 2019.

What is Salina Mendoza known for? 

A quick glance at Salina’s resume tells you all you need to know: she’s a brand growth and product genius.

 During her time at Vitaminwater in 2011-12 it was the top selling beverage in the US. While working with WeGreenlight she increased user growth 700% on a small budget. Salina also grew Fuzul’s monthly active users from 5000 to 22,000 in just 6 months — pushing the app to #4 in the Google Play Store’s lifestyle list. 

 With a wealth of knowledge and experience under her belt, Salina realized she could help more startups by creating her own agency. Enter socialomical.  

 socialomical promises to build brands and products without a huge budget. Salina has been single-handedly running socialomical for the past 7 years — alongside her Director role at Brix Labs — and has helped grow a number of businesses with her strategic tactics and experiments. 

 There are few who truly understand what it takes to grow a product following, but Salina knows the tricks to squeeze maximum value from a controlled product spend. A skill she is no doubt putting to use at Brix Labs, “a small software and AI consulting firm” to borrow her own words.

Where can you learn more about Salina Mendoza? 

Salina Mendoza builds her personal brand with the same tenacity she builds her clients’ products — and you can find her in many places online!

 She keeps her Twitter and LinkedIn profiles regularly updated with her art projects and often shares insights into product and brand growth. She also offers a high-value “how-to” blog for artists on her personal website, as well as short stories based on her artwork.

 Her Twitter stream is certainly one to watch for any product managers tasked with organizing, recruiting, and nurturing a remote or distributed team. Thanks to her time at Brix Labs, Mendoza has a wealth of information regarding proper management practices and how to get the most from your software teams, no matter where they are based in the world.

 Her Medium account is also a great source of interesting (if a little out of date) product and technology insights. 

General FAQ

Who is Salina Mendoza?
Salina Mendoza is a brand growth expert and artist based in Costa Mesa, California. Having gained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics, Salina went on to work with Google Maps and Vitaminwater before founding socialomical and joining Brix Labs as Director of Product Management. 
What is Brix Labs? 
Brix Labs is a consulting agency which aims to help businesses achieve digital transformation through artificial intelligence and machine learning. They specialize in streamlining the hiring process and can connect you with pre-vetted, remote engineers and get them onboarded in just a week. 
What is socialomical?
Socialomical is Salina’s personal consulting agency which specializes in brand growth for companies with smaller marketing budgets. socialomical treats your business as if it was their own in order to build trust, authenticity and transparency — and get your product out there.

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