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Maggie Crowley

Maggie Crowley

Sr. Director of Product Management @ Drift
Maggie Crowley has worked with some of the world’s most well-known companies, including Google and TripAdvisor. She is currently the director of product management at Drift.

Maggie Crowley - Sr. Director of Product Management - Drift

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Who is Maggie Crowley? 

It’s not often that an Olympic athlete steps into an office. It’s even less often that she steps in and runs the meeting. Yet, that’s what Maggie Crowley does every day!

Since her days as a world-class speed-skater, Crowley has worked with some of the world’s most well-known companies, including Google and TripAdvisor. She is currently the senior director of product management at Drift, a conversational marketing platform that helps businesses improve their buying process.

There are few that could bring what Crowley has to the table. Having studied at Northwestern University, she then became a student at Harvard Business School — where she gained an MBA. 

During her time at Drift, Crowley has been responsible for overseeing the conversational marketing side of their incredible revenue acceleration platform.

What is Drift?

Drift describes itself as a "conversational marketing platform".

Back in 2014, the founders of Drift realized that the customer service experience had become bloated, and was yielding a very low rate of conversion. So, they set out to improve the customer experience. 

Conversational marketing is all about streamlining the customer experience. It gives potential buyers a fast, easy to manage system that can handle all their needs and, most importantly, dramatically improve the chances of conversion.

Where can you learn more about Maggie Crowley? 

You can find Maggie on all of the usual social media platforms, where she posts regular snippets of her life as a project manager at Drift. Follow her at @maggiecrowley on Twitter and simply search her name on LinkedIn.

Maggie also hosts her own podcast, ‘Build’. In each episode, she sits down with some of the best names in product management. They talk about what they do and give advice on how others can improve their skill set. A must-listen for anyone in the product world — and beyond!

General FAQ

Who is Maggie Crowley? 
Maggie Crowley is both an Olympic athlete and a modern product hero. While studying at Northwestern University, Maggie traveled to Italy to compete in the Winter Olympics. Crowley then gained an MBA at Harvard Business School, before becoming product manager for TripAdvisor. Crowley is currently director of product management at Drift. 
What is Drift? 
Drift is a revenue acceleration platform, built to streamline the sales process in order to increase customer engagement. Described as “the future of sales and marketing”, the platform helps companies engage with potential customers in real-time, ensuring fresh leads are converted at a much higher rate than traditional marketing. 
What is conversational marketing?
Conversational marketing is a simple, but highly effective, way of converting potential customers. Utilizing intelligent chatbots, the process engages with potential leads much faster than traditional methods. Conversational marketing helps to increase both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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