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Jeanette Suh

Senior Product Manager @ Twitch
Jeanette is currently Senior Product Manager at Twitch since securing the role in summer 2019 — this involves leading development and strategy of the company’s new content promotions platform. 

Jeanette Suh - Senior Product Manager - Twitch

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Who is Jeanette Suh?

Jeanette Suh has built a solid career in product management since she graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Science. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is Senior Product Manager at live-streaming giant Twitch

That’s no small feat for a woman of color in an industry which was largely male-dominated for decades (even Twitch’s user base is around 81% male). But Jeanette has proven herself to be a major asset to any tech-focused company, regardless of its industry or target audience.

Before joining Twitch, Jeanette worked for such recognizable brands as Expedia and Frankly Inc. in multiple product positions. She has also accrued a wealth of notable qualifications to complement her hands-on experience.  Last, but by no means least, Jeanette has also earned a Google Analytics Certification. 

What is Jeanette Suh known for?

Have you ever used Twitch to play along with or explore video-based games and content? Then you’ve got Jeanette Suh to thank for the platform experience.

Jeanette is currently Senior Product Manager at Twitch since securing the role in summer 2019 — this involves leading development and strategy of the company’s new content promotions platform. 

Twitch is one of the world’s biggest streaming platforms, broadcasting 11 million videos per month (on average). Users spend close to three hours on Twitch each day, proving its product stickiness!

The company describes itself as being “community-led” and encompasses a huge range of content genres, from esports and cooking to art tutorials. 

Before moving to Twitch, Jeanette was Head of Product at a stealth crypto gaming startup. She led product strategy for the business in its early stages and was, by her own admission, a “Jane of all trades”. 

This was preceded by a year as Global Product Manager at Expedia — a name you’ll surely have heard of. As one of the biggest and most well-established online travel services, Expedia, Inc. has a portfolio of websites comprising Expedia.com, Hotels.com, trivago, Hotwire.com, and more. 

So if you’ve ever booked a hotel online, Jeanette may have had a hand in that, too.

Jeanette oversaw mobile checkout and payment experience in Expedia, Inc.’s flagship app (for Android and iOS). Her work helped drive a 15% increase in app transactions year on year, setting it on the path to generating $1B in revenue per annum. 

From 2016 to ‘17, Jeanette was Product manager at Frankly Inc. This platform empowers brands to create, distribute, and monetize content across multiple channels. 

Jeanette's role at Frankly Inc. involved leading development for the WYSIWYG platform for television stations to design, edit, and publish apps (on web and mobile). She helped to reduce operational costs for the development of new web apps by a whopping 75% and grew the active client base by 60%. 

If anyone knows the power of a product to drive profitability, it’s Jeanette Suh.

Where can you learn more about Jeanette Suh?

You can find Jeanette Suh on Twitter, where she maintains an active presence with brief, witty insights into her life and work. 

Jeanette also has contributed to Medium in the past, though her most recent posts are from summer 2018 (at the time of writing). Her small selection of articles cover her thoughts on questionable advertising, the evolution of certain social media platforms, and more. 

You can check out her Medium posts here

General FAQ

Who is Jeanette Suh?
Jeanette Suh is Senior Product Manager at Twitch — one of the biggest online streaming companies in the world. Her responsibilities include leading the development and strategy of its new content promotions platform. Before joining Twitch, Jeanette worked several Head of Product and Product Manager roles within the Bay Area.
What is Twitch?
Twitch is a streaming platform with 2 billion hours of content viewed in February 2021. Since Twitch launched in 2011, it has become the fourth-biggest source of online traffic in the US. Twitch’s content spans a huge range of interests, from gaming and cooking to music.
Where can you find Jeanette Suh online?
You can find Jeanette Suh on Twitter (@jeanettesuh), where she shares frequent updates. She has also published posts on Medium, covering a diverse range of topics, though her most recent was in 2018. Jeanette is also on LinkedIn.

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