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What is enterprise technology?


Enterprise technology definiton

Enterprise technology is a category of software and hardware that has been created to make businesses more effective, productive, and streamlined. Generally, it helps staff accomplish work that would otherwise be complicated or time-consuming. And in more extreme cases, it provides solutions that are only possible with modern technology.

In today's workplace, it's nearly impossible to get any work done without some form of enterprise technology. There are industry-specific solutions, like inventory management systems, and solutions that are a bit more broad-reaching, like accounting software. 

Whichever enterprise technology a business uses, they're sure to experience increased productivity and cost savings. 

Types of enterprise technology

Content management systems (CMS)

Content management systems are a popular form of enterprise technology, particularly in the marketing sector. This type of software includes tools like WordPress. 

In essence, a CMS is a tool that helps businesses manage and share content like blogs, videos, and other forms of media. It typically stores this content and is also the medium through which it is shared. 

Security monitoring systems

Security monitoring systems cover a broad range of tools designed to make your business safer by protecting your business against cybersecurity threats. 

This includes tools that monitor your network, your network's endpoints, your devices, your account access, and more. 

Accounting software

The third type of enterprise technology you'll likely encounter is accounting software. This is any kind of software used for bookkeeping and financial tracking. 

Accounting software helps accountants do their job, automating repetitive tasks and making the process more accurate. Enterprise accounting solutions can help businesses keep track of the complex financials that come with running a large company. 

How to build enterprise software

Building enterprise software is similar to making any other kind of software. It begins by identifying a problem the user needs solved and then creating a tool that can solve that problem. 

That could mean creating software that simply automates a time-consuming task. Or it could mean a wholly new solution that is only possible through software, such as a real-time, collaborative kanban board based in the cloud.

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General FAQ

What is enterprise technology?
Enterprise technology is a software market segment that encompasses solutions built specifically for businesses. These apps solve problems, automate workflows, and improve collaboration.
What are examples of enterprise technology?
Examples of enterprise technology include accounting software, content management systems (CMS), and security monitoring systems.

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