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Operational Roadmap


What is an operational roadmap?


Operational roadmap definition

An operational roadmap, also known as a business project roadmap, is a visualization of a company or team’s intended long-term activities in any number of areas or departments.

The operational roadmap covers a lot of detail, but in a simple and easy-to-understand way. It is at-a-glance communication helps teams to move forward confidently, aware of any issues that could lie ahead.

Benefits of an operational roadmap

There are many benefits of using an operational roadmap within a product team or product-led business. For example:

  • The operational roadmap is a statement of intent — it helps align teams behind one shared vision, but it’s also adaptable to change. ‘Intent’ is what you want to achieve, but in any given project or product build, you need to be ready to pivot.

  • Operational roadmaps can save teams time — unexpected obstacles can totally derail a project. Because the operational roadmap demands that teams consider potential issues, if (or when) they do crop up you’re already ready to tackle them.

Examples of operational roadmaps

‘Operations’ is an umbrella term covering many activities — and operational roadmaps can be used by a variety of different teams and individuals. Each of the below is an example of an operational roadmap.

  1. A visualization of the business’s marketing activities over the next six months and the operations required to achieve them

  2. How marketing will work with sales in Q1 to reach revenue goals

  3. The intended plan for a product team while working with outsourced developers over the coming year.¨


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General FAQ

What is an operational roadmap?
Operational roadmaps can be used as a planning tool by any department or team. On the roadmap, teams outline what they are looking to achieve and the steps required to do so.
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