• What is Amplitude?
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What is Amplitude?


Definition of Amplitude

Amplitude is a product intelligence platform that was first developed in 2012. Since then, it has been used by companies like Lime, Adidas, and Capital One.

Amplitude's core features revolve around the collection and interpretation of customer data to give companies insights into how their product is used.

General FAQ

What is Amplitude?
Amplitude is an app that helps improve your product intelligence. Product intelligence is the process of collecting customer data and using it to drive decisions around your product(s). Amplitude enables this through features like product analytics, customer data management, and behavioral targeting and experimentation.
What are some alternatives to Amplitude?
While Amplitude is one of the most popular platforms in its market, there are several similar alternatives. These include Smartlook, Adjust, App Annie, Mixpanel, Crashlytics, Localytics, UXCam, and Appsee.
How much does Amplitude cost?
Amplitude offers both free and paid plans. The free plan offers up to 10 million monthly “events” (actions users take with your product), as well as the basics of the platform. For $995/month, you can upgrade to the Growth plan. This offers up to 100 million monthly events and features not found in the fee-free plan.

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