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Voice of Customer (VoC)

  • What is the voice of customer (VoC)?

What is the voice of customer (VoC)?


Definition of a voice of customer (VoC)

For the most part, the VoC is largely self-explanatory. Its definition refers to the ways in which a company harvests feedback information from its consumers (or sometimes more specifically, its customers). The term VoC can also refer to the feedback collected.

Why use VoC?

In the past, organizations delivered products in one direction only: that is, the product was delivered to the consumer without the use of any data concerning the needs or preferences of the consumer. Over time, huge financial losses have been realized as a result. In turn, the importance of data points surrounding consumer needs has come to the fore.


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General FAQ

How do you use the VoC?
Voice of customer data can be organized into different categories, ranked in terms of importance to the user experience. Teams should analyze feedback carefully to identify the essential needs target customers have, and to determine which must be prioritized to maximize value.
Why is the VoC important?
Voice of Customer analysis is important to build stronger customer experience, create better products, and to make informed decisions. A product team with access to the voice of customer feedback can focus on releasing and updating products that offer maximum value to the core audience.
What are VoC tools?
VoC tools are designed to gather feedback from an audience that helps teams build stronger products. Reporting tools, for example, can be used to measure customer satisfaction via numerous metrics (including CSAT and NPS scores). VoC tools enable teams to access data quickly and conveniently.
How can I get VoC data?
Product teams can gather voice of customer data in a variety of ways, such as conducting surveys, interviewing target customers, hosting focus groups, viewing product- or brand-specific conversations on social media, listening to recorded calls to customer service, reading online reviews, and inviting customers to leave a net promoter score.
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