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Release Demo

Definition of Release Demo - A release demo showcases the latest pre-launch developments to a product or software project. Agile development teams tend to hold a release demo at the end of every iteration, designed to keep everyone involved up to speed with how each iteration is going, and how the project as a whole is progressing. 

Release demos can be very small, just including a select bunch of stakeholders, or can include the entire organization, depending on the status of the project or the size of the team.


Question: How can stakeholders use release demos?
Answer: Following a demo, stakeholders can provide feedback to the product owner and/or development team. Discussions can also take place to re-prioritize items in the product backlog if needed.
Question: When do agile teams hold a release demo?
Answer: Typically an agile team will hold a release demo at the end of every product iteration.

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