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Portfolio Roadmap Definition

A portfolio roadmap is a top-line strategy for a business’s numerous projects or products. A portfolio roadmap template can be incredibly useful when managing a range of separate, but related, products or projects. You may find the terms ‘product roadmap’, ‘project roadmap’, and ‘portfolio roadmap’ used interchangeably, but this would be incorrect. Let’s find out why…

Product roadmaps vs project roadmaps vs project/product portfolio roadmaps

There are a number of key differences between product roadmaps, project roadmaps and portfolio roadmaps.

A product roadmap:

  • Is a detailed visualization of current and future plans for a product

  • Contains development-specific details and product requirements

  • Visualizes how the product team will achieve the product vision

  • Has no set deadlines and uses milestones instead

A project roadmap:

  • Maps out the necessary steps for a single project to succeed

  • Contains hard deadlines to keep the project on track

  • Will visualize how resources are allocated

  • Looks at dependences within the project itself

A project portfolio or product portfolio roadmap:

  • Can be used to visualize a high-level view of a group of products or projects

  • Aims to align relationships between products or projects

You may also come across the product line roadmap, which is another name for the product portfolio roadmap.


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Portfolio roadmap template + examples

Focusing on product portfolio roadmaps now (as product roadmaps are our bread and butter here at airfocus), product managers should look for a portfolio roadmap template that:

  • Come pre-built with various views, including roadmap and release plan

  • Has prioritization features baked in (so you don’t need to create a separate document)

  • Is easy to share and update, to keep all stakeholders in the loop

  • Is ready to use and ready to customize — as no one product line is the same as the next.

Take the airfocus product portfolio roadmap template for a spin — for free — today.

General FAQ

What is a product portfolio roadmap?
A product portfolio map is the overview of your product line and its related projects. Mapped to your business objectives, this will give you a cohesive framework to start planning your product line and to make sure that your various products are all pulling together to achieve a shared goal.
How to create a product portfolio roadmap?
You can use a template to create your product portfolio project roadmap. This is a quick way to populate and update your topline goals and objectives, while being able to tweak the specifications to fit what you need.
Can you use Jira or Excel for portfolio roadmaps?
The quick answer is yes… but should you? These software solutions aren’t made for portfolio roadmap templates and any portfolio roadmap examples you find using these tools will likely to harder to use, share, and update versus a dedicated roadmap tool like airfocus.
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