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What is a Persona?

Definition of a Persona

Persona is an aggregate of information that represents the details of a group. Various personas might be created in order to portray a number of groups. To be effective, constituent data must be as realistic as possible, thoroughly researched, properly structured, and relevant.

Why Use Personas?

A product manager must try to understand what drives the end-user of the product. To that end, utilizing user data in the form of a persona will help the product manager - and the team - build a better and more useful product. Different users may use the product in different ways and personas enable the product manager to understand this.

General FAQ

How to create a Persona?
Teams can gather information for personas by interacting with users in face-to-face interviews (in person or via video chat tools), distributing surveys, and studying analytics which offers insights into varying user behavior. Different types of users should be grouped into segments, and a persona for each should be created.
What is a buyer Persona?
A buyer persona is a document which captures a representation of a target consumer, based on data gathered through market research and analysis of current buyers. It helps teams to understand the people most likely to purchase their products and why — enabling them to deliver maximum satisfaction and value.
What is a user Persona?
A user persona is an overview of a potential or existing user of a product, website, or service. These are separate from buyer personas and focus on identifying the needs, behaviors, expectations, and issues users have. You may have several personas across different demographics, industries, etc.
What is a Persona in UX?
In UX, a persona is used to capture a specific target user — who they are, why they want/need the product, their pains, and gains — to help UX teams recognize the key features and functions a product requires. Personas should be concise (2 pages max) with fictional and factual insights (e.g. a name, short bio, occupation, etc.).
What is a Persona?

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