Minimum Viable Experience (MVE)

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What is a Minimum Viable Experience (MVE)


Definition of a Minimum Viable Experience (MVE)

Minimum Viable Experience (MVE) refers to how a customer feels when they interact with a brand’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Its goal is to encourage customers to re-engage with — and become advocates for — the product or service.

The term MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is thrown around a lot in product development. It refers to a product built, and launched, with only core functionality (and none of the added flare or nice-to-haves). 

And while an MVP is a great tool for testing the practical value of a product, good or service, it leaves a big piece of the puzzle unaccounted for: the customer experience.

How an MVE: Minimum Viable Experience works

A product’s experiential value is more important than ever, and a solid MVE ensures that this is catered for at launch.

Unlike an MVP, the success criteria for an MVE is not about what a customer does or achieves with a product, but rather how it makes them feel. It is concerned with concepts such as delight and surprise — both value-add factors which increase happiness, encourage retention and help build brands.

Who can benefit from an MVE?

MVE is an important yardstick for new digital brands and startups.

While a successful MVP is always a great boost for such companies, without an equally impressive MVE, there’s still plenty of room to grow. As the world of product development becomes ever more customer-centric, the MVE will likewise become a more important metric by which to judge new offers.

General FAQ

What is the difference between MVP and MVE?
While an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is focused on the practical features of a product or service, MVE (Minimum Viable Experience) is instead focused on how a customer feels when they use that product. Both are highly important in today’s marketplace.
What is MVE in business?
An MVE, or Minimum Viable Experience, refers to the earliest form of the customer experience a brand can deliver. Most commonly, an MVE will run in parallel with the launch of an MVP, Minimum Viable Product. Getting both right is important for business success.

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