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DEEP Backlog

Definition of DEEP Backlog — The most effective backlogs follow the DEEP acronym. Each letter stands for a specific characteristic of a well-groomed backlog:

  • Detailed Appropriately: Upcoming items in the backlog can be easily understood by team members, without being overly detailed. Alistair Cockburn describes backlog items as tokens promising a future conversation

  • Emergent: A product backlog should evolve, adding new items as we learn more about the problem space.

  • Estimated: A product backlog is a planning tool and helps organize development resources available. Therefore, each upcoming item should have an estimate of how long it will take to complete

Prioritized: Items on the backlog should be ranked with the most valuable items at the top.


Question: What is a DEEP Backlog?
Answer: A DEEP backlog refers to the grooming characteristics a product backlog has. DEEP is an acronym for Detailed Appropriately, Emergent, Estimated, and Prioritized.

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