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Implicit Requirements

What are Implicit Requirements?

Definition of Implicit Requirements

Implicit requirements are those features of a product or app which are so fundamental that they don’t need to be explicitly specified during development.

Like flicking a light-switch and seeing the bulb illuminate, or pressing the accelerator and feeling the car move forward, some things in life are just expected. 

When it comes to product development, the same concept applies. Implicit requirements are effectively the core mechanics of a product; elements or characteristics both developers and the end-user will expect as a bare minimum. 

Implicit requirements are rarely documented on the development roadmap — they are, instead, universally understood as must-haves.

General FAQ

Which are the implicit features of software quality?
Implicit features of software quality include reliable performance, uptime, security, and ease-of-use. These form the foundations of a quality product.
How do you write a test case requirements?
Test case requirements should recreate certain conditions or use cases under which a product will be used. It’s important to test both explicit and implicit requirements if time permits.
How do you define product requirements?
To define product requirements, you must outline both the purpose of the product and its value to the end-user, then document how its features will fulfill these criteria.

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