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Ground Control Uses airfocus To Streamline Their Group Prioritization Processes, and To Keep Stakeholders Aligned

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Location: Essex, United Kingdom
Industry: Environmental services

Dee is the head of product for Ground Control, an environmental services company based in the UK. He recently did a video review of his experience using airfocus through the software rating platform Capterra. Below is a summary of the video regarding his experience using airfocus and whether he would recommend the platform to other product teams.

From the get-go, he gives airfocus a 5 out of 5 in terms of the product itself. Let’s have a quick look at his experience using airfocus with his team.

A platform fit for different industries

Dee has done significant research on product software with this team. Previously, he used two product software and did a trial with them. With one of the software, he even went ahead with a license. However, soon after, he and his team realized a lack of functionality around prioritization, which is the key in the product software industry in terms of getting stakeholder decision alignment and knowing what to work on first. Therefore, he decided against the other software and began his search for something better.

When asked why he chose airfocus, he mentioned that,

“After a period of research around prioritization and roadmapping software, we chose airfocus because it provided us with the value we were looking for in terms of strategic priority scoring and also having a customizable view of fields which can be adapted to our industry.”

Objective group decisions with Priority Poker

One particular feature he found helpful was Priority Poker. Priority Poker is the most time-efficient way to make prioritization decisions in a team. It's interactive, collaborative, and fun. He found it useful when they needed to align everyone on a call and collaboratively prioritize. Since they can rate features and items anonymously, Dee said, ' Groupthink doesn't happen in Priority Poker, and no one's decision gets swayed.' After voting collectively, they will then discuss and reach a conclusion on ratings that have discrepancies. The priority scoring is important, and for Dee, this places airfocus ahead of all the other software.

Download now: Get our 5-minute guide on How To Use the Priority Poker Prioritization Method

Seamless integration with Jira

For Dee, the ability to have a seamless integration was a critical factor. When asked how it was to onboard and integrate airfocus into their business, he said the integration was straightforward and easy to understand. It was important for them because their tech team uses Jira quite a lot. For Dee, any software they use for product management and roadmapping would require a significant Jira integration. Dee thought that the Jira integration went smoothly and was very well-built compared to other software.

To conclude, Dee also attended a webinar from airfocus' founder. He then introduced the weekly webinars to his team in which they found helpful and engaging. Through the weekly webinars, they were able to adapt to airfocus terminologies quickly. Not long after, airfocus has become an integral part of Ground Control's product management process. To discover more of airfocus, reach out to our customer success team now or join our weekly webinar!

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