How To Use Customer Feedback for Business Growth

We present to you another collaboration from airfocus and Product Collective, this time to take a look into all the core topics of customer feedback: what it is, how to collect it, what types of feedback we have, and many tips and common mistakes you should avoid.
A co-production between airfocus and Product Collective

What's covered?

What is customer feedback?

An overview of customer feedback: What it is, the stakeholders involved, the most important types of feedback, and how to use it for business growth.

Customer feedback and product lifecycle

The product lifecycle is the journey each product takes from the inception of an idea all the way through to a product’s retirement. Each stage of the lifecycle presents various opportunities, risks, and challenges in terms of collecting customer feedback.

How to avoid the most common mistakes when collecting feedback

What tools should you use to gather customer feedback? You should also pay attention to the most important, yet common, mistakes to avoid when you start collecting feedback.

...and so, so much more.

About this eBook

Customer feedback is the most pivotal tool that product managers can use to help them prioritize, build, and sustain their products while working towards business growth.

If you are searching for reliable resources of customer feedback, this guide is for you. It does not only answer your basic questions, but will also lead you towards the tools and techniques to optimally utilize your customer feedback in order to build amazing products.

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A co-production between
airfocus and Product Collective