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How Papirfly Leveraged airfocus to Unify 32 Products in One Year

Location: Oslo, Norway
Industry: Marketing Technology


Before airfocus, Papirfly struggled with managing 32 products and 300+ services, hindered by a disjointed planning process and multiple tools. This fragmentation caused inefficiencies and diluted their strategic focus, complicating their transformation efforts.



airfocus streamlined Papirfly's product development, unifying their roadmap into a single, clear plan. This consolidation accelerated years of work into just 12 months, enhancing communication and stakeholder engagement with robust tools. Papirfly's complex transformation was thus successfully navigated, solidifying its leadership in brand management SaaS.

Papirfly's challenge

The team at Papirfly were up against a daunting task: integrating 32 products and over 300 services within just one year. Previously, a mix of numerous disjointed planning tools led to confusion, slow progress, and a blurred strategic vision, severely impeding their transformation journey.

Transformation with airfocus

The introduction of airfocus was a game-changer. It served as a unified platform, providing clarity and simplifying the planning process. This strategic shift went beyond just replacing old tools; it transformed Papirfly's approach to product development and strategy. With a clear, unified vision, the team could work together seamlessly, enhancing efficiency across the board.


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Collaborative planning and impact

A key advantage of airfocus for Papirfly was its capability to involve everyone in the planning process, including company members and customers. This inclusive strategy fostered a rich collaborative environment, steering the company towards more effective decision-making.

Achieving rapid progress

The adoption of airfocus had a profound impact. It accelerated tasks that previously took weeks or months, allowing Papirfly to complete extensive projects rapidly. This newfound efficiency was crucial, enabling Papirfly to maintain competitiveness and cater swiftly to customer needs.

In an ambitious year-long journey to unify 32 products and over 300 services, Papirfly delivered two-to-three years’ work in just 12 months. The power of airfocus was a crucial tool to the success of this project; providing clarity for everyone around our Product Vision and Product Strategy; which was needed to navigate this complex transformation. It exceeded our expectations and I can confidently recommend airfocus to other Product leaders planning similarly ambitious journeys.

Conclusion: airfocus - a trusted partner in complex transformations

Ultimately, Papirfly's experience with airfocus illustrates the effectiveness of streamlined tools and a unified strategic vision in overcoming complex challenges. By moving past inefficiencies and confusion to a more focused and collaborative approach, Papirfly not only improved its workflow but also solidified its leadership in the brand management SaaS market. This journey highlights the importance of clarity and collaboration in successfully navigating even the most daunting transformations.

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