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Value vs. effort prioritization

Value vs. effort prioritization template

Prioritize your backlog based on impact, revenue, and team effort.

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About the value vs. effort prioritization template

Prioritize your initiatives, ideas, and features by rating your items based on value (impact and revenue) and team effort. What you get:

  • A product backlog with a customizable prioritization framework.

  • A priority chart to visualize your quick wins and timewasters.

  • More views: Now-next-later roadmap, product timeline.

What is a value vs. effort prioritization template?

As part of a lean methodology, value vs. effort is a model utilized to prioritize opportunities or features and build an effective and clear roadmap.

The framework asks teams to assign each opportunity or feature with a value (e.g. impact or revenue potential) and a measure of effort (e.g. team effort). From this, teams can quickly see which features are high value and low effort — a priority — or low value, high effort — and therefore not worth progressing.

Benefits of using a value vs. effort matrix template

When you love building products, it can feel like every feature idea is one worth doing. It’s a challenge many product teams will be familiar with: how do you start choosing which of your brilliant ideas to move forward with first?

That’s where prioritization models, like the value vs. effort matrix, come in so handy. A value vs. effort framework can:

  • Remove the bias from product development because you’re prioritizing builds based on their value (impacts and benefits) and effort (how hard/easy and how long it will take)

  • Get you further, faster: which features really matter for your product? Using a value vs. effort matrix template will tell you — and that has benefits for both the user and your business

  • Reduce risk and scope creep: when you’re laser-focused on the value of a feature, you can’t get side-tracked by all the ‘nice to haves’. That results in lower risk for your business and a roadmap that’s bang on scope.

How to use a value vs. effort framework template

Prioritization doesn’t always come easy, but the airfocus value vs. effort template couldn’t be more simple to use. It comes fully prepped with a product backlog with a customizable prioritization framework, a 4x4 priority chart to visualize your quick wins and don’t dos, a ready-to-use now-next-later roadmap, and a timeline to visualize your release plans and delivery work.

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