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Leveraging Product Strategy for Product and Business Growth

In this eBook, you will learn everything you need to create your own product strategy, with examples, actionable steps, and a strategy checklist. We start from the basics of product strategy, all the way to helping you master it.
Product strategy ebook

What's covered?

Understanding product strategy

What is a product strategy and why is it important? We will also discuss the benefits of product strategy and its relation to business goals and to product management.

The key elements of product strategy

Goals and initiatives are the two key elements, but a strong product strategy starts from a clear vision. We will explain how to create your vision, and how to set your goals.

Product strategy in practice

We will go through the 5 types of product strategy, and different frameworks that will help you build it. We will also discuss the Product strategy roadmap, and how to present it to stakeholders, with examples.

Mastering product strategy

Here we outline for you the common questions that are asked related to product strategy as you work on crafting your own strategy with your team.
Product strategy ebook

About this eBook

Creating a product strategy is one of the most challenging tasks a product manager undertakes. That's why we created this eBook, to help you get a deep understanding of product strategy, from what it means and what it includes, all the way to the frameworks and roadmap that help you implement it.

Whether you are starting your business, struggling with getting your team aligned, or trying to turn down ideas and features, after reading this eBook, you will be able to establish a strong strategy that can be the guiding light for you and your team.

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