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Avoiding the Feature Factory

A "feature factory" - a term coined by John Cutler - is a company that consistently releases products, features, enhancements, etc., and predominantly focuses on quantity over quality. In this eBook, we look into all aspects of working in a feature factory and offer you solutions on how to make a transition to a value-focused company.
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What's covered?

Identifying the feature factory and why it’s a problem

You will learn the basics - what a feature factory is and why it’s a problem and in the next chapter, we will tell you why product managers or companies often fall into the feature factory trap.

How to transition from a feature factory to a value generation factory

In this part of this eBook, we will help you further identify if you are already working in a feature factory and we have also prepared the solution and practical steps on how to escape and switch to delivering the value instead.

Using continuous discovery to deliver value to customers and users

Leverage continuous discovery to transition away from being a feature factory and once this becomes a staple within your company and teams, maintain this practice once you have fully become a value generation factory.

...and so, so much more.
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About this eBook

After reading this eBook you will have a much better understanding of what feature factories are, the multiple problems they cause, how to communicate with stakeholders, and detailed steps on avoiding the feature factory. If you’re working within a feature factory, realize that your company is becoming one, or simply want to ensure that your company does not become one in the future, this is the guide that you should regularly return to and follow.

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