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What is the WSJF scoring model and the WSJF scoring template?

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) scoring model is a prioritization framework developed by Scaled Agile to help product management teams prioritize jobs like epics, capabilities, and features. A team calculates each job’s score as the cost of delay divided by the job size or duration. Items that receive the highest ratings should be prioritized first.

The cost of delay consists of 3 components:

User-business value – Consider the relative value of each job to your customers or business. For example, projects or features which generate the most revenue, or which customers most often request, will score higher.

Time criticality – Does the user/business value drop dramatically over time? If you know a competitor is working on something similar, then your project would carry a high time criticality score as you want to be the first to market with your new product or feature.

Risk reduction-opportunity enablement value – What are the future implications of each job? Does one open up other business opportunities or reduce future risk?

To calculate the WSJF score, simply fill in the ratings for user-business value, time criticality, risk reduction-opportunity enablement value, and job size, then airfocus will calculate the score for you.



Product management, project management, marketing

Value (Y) criteria

User-business value, time criticality, risk reduction - opportunity enablement value

Cost (X) criteria

Job size/duration
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